The Experts of Flight

    Welcome to Liberty Flight School! If you want to learn to fly helicopters and become an exceptional pilot - this is where you need to be. Learn from experienced, high time instructors who are instructing because it is what they love to do! Each of our instructors has had a unique journey on the way to achieving their Instructor certificates, including some experiences in the jungles of Vietnam!

    Liberty Flight School focuses on a real world education, designed to maximize safety and survivability. It is our goal to prepare our students for the situations they will face in the dynamic world of aviation, and to equip them with the tools needed to return safely each day.  We have drawn on our training and real world experience as commercial pilots and instructors to design our curriculum. It is our goal to pass this knowledge onto our students.

   Liberty Flight School is a closed system: hiring instructors and pilots from within the ranks of our own students, and we perform the maintenance on our own machines. We believe this hiring philosophy, as well as maintenance philosophy, make our operation stand out.

  Liberty Flight School’s maintenance department wants our aircraft to perform optimally, and be reliable. To achieve this, they perform more frequent inspections than required by the FAA. We believe inspecting our aircraft more frequently helps to prevent small problem from becoming big ones.

   Liberty Flight School is committed to creating safe, knowledgeable, competent pilots who exceed the minimum requirements set forth by the FAA. It is our goal to help improve aviation safety. We believe building better, smarter, and safer pilots makes aviation better for all of us!

   We offer different types of certifications, as well as Helicopter Rides and Scenic Tours! Please Contact Us with any questions at 610-696-2382