Liberty Flight School Instructors

carl bianchini Carl Bianchini - Certified Flight Instructor 


Carl Bianchini loves sharing his passion for helicopters with others! He has been a helicopter pilot for over 12 years, accumulating almost 5000 hours, and enjoys sharing all he has learned with his students.

It is said that the learning process never stops, and this is how he approaches both instructing and learning. Someone once said, as an instructor, we learn more from our students than they do from us. It is an important part of the Liberty Flight School philosophy, that all must continue to learn and improve.

Carl is the product of seven instructors, including some of the highest time pilots in the world to a former Robinson Factory test pilot. His laid back teaching style melds a desire to pass on the knowledge gained from his previous instructors and experience, with the need to challenge. With patience and an understanding of the student experience; he strives to challenge them, as well as himself, to be better.


Jim HagaGarrett Snyder - Certified Flight Instructor 

I have had a passion for aviation ever since I was young. At first it was r/c airplanes. Later I sought more of a challenge so I moved onto r/c helicopters. After high school I joined the Air Force where I worked as a jet engine mechanic. After my six year enlistment in the Air Force I transitioned into a reserve role, and began learning to fly real helicopters in the civilian world. In a few short years I had completed my training a received my CFII. I have been flying helicopters for over 2 years and have over 500 hours in helicopters. I love flying helicopters and instructing students. I look forward to helping anyone I can to become a  pilot, or become a better pilot!


Mike M.

Mike Holland - Certified Flight Instructor 


Mike has had a passion for flight since he was a young child. He can remember looking up in the sky as a helicopter would fly over and hoping someday he could make flying helicopters his career.Before deciding to make the transition into helicopter training,he came from a client relations and business management background. The time he spent in his previous career helped to develop his strong work ethic and personal belief that customer satisfaction should be the highest priority. He prides himself in guiding our students to meet any goals they set for themselves. His motto is that any student who walks through our doors has already taken the first step and deserves only the best education and support.

“Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.”