At Liberty Flight School, we offer different types of certifications for different needs. Below are our current programs:
  • Private Pilot Certificate (minimum training required is 40 hours of flight time)
  • Commercial Certificate (minimum training required is 150 hours of flight time)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating (no hours requirement)
  • Helicopter Instrument Rating (minimum training required is 40 hours of instrument training)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Rating (ATP)
  • Helicopter Add-On Rating (minimum 30 hrs of training)
There are no age restrictions to begin training. To apply to Liberty Flight School, please fill out our New Student Application form.
In addition to our programs, Liberty Flight School also provides: 
We are located in West Chester, PA, but find our students coming from all over the Tri-State area to be instructed by us. Please Contact Us at 610-696-2382 with any questions!